iPad drawings of friends on the train home.
This year’s birthday presents from my sister: BMF wallet, toy soldier candle, Kurt Cobain graphic novel, and Pokemon Red & Blue soap!
My 30-day Photoshop trial put to good use. Although for the most part I just used Microsoft Word and Paint. Hope you like it Michael ;)
Don’t be jealous of our dance moves.
Only Nick will understand this.
shananigans--deactivated2011122: I have this friend called Luke. He makes wonderful 2 minute noodles and he likes cranberry juice. He hates chewing gum and dumb bitchez. If you ask him to play any Green Day song on guitar he will most likely be able to do it. He is an in-the-closet professional drummer. He carries Blistex and Dettol and tissues around for occasions when they may be necessary. He likes Quentin Tarantino films and wearing his green stripey jumper, but only with the sleeves rolled up. He is polite and kind and his favourite pasta is Noci. I miss him as I haven't seen him in forever.

This is one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me. I’m glad that there are still some people who truly know me. Thank you :)

 My school art project.
FINALLY, filming has begun for this movie. I cannot wait to see it!
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